What I want people to know about me? Gosh, that’s such a big question. What I want people to know about me truthfully, is whatever it is that would help them to be happier, to help them to be freer, to help them to remove whatever barrier that may exist inside of them that stops them from feeling the truth of who they are, the beauty of who they are, the innocence that they are…so, that’s what I would want them to know about me.

I can tell my story, tell things that I’ve done that I’m proud of, things that I’m ashamed of, things that would be interesting. I’ve been told I’ve had an interesting story, an interesting life and a lot of times it seems that way to me too. This is an unfolding…this isn’t about what I’ve done in my life so far. This isn’t about me trying to impress me or anybody else, particularly you. This is about us coming together on a journey; a journey that’s about the search for innocence

A journey that’s about looking for the scary places inside of ourselves that stops us from connecting with others. I believe in meeting those places in others and in seeing in truth, those places aren’t scary. Those are just places where somebody has acted in way, that because he or she has been afraid or because he or she has felt unloved and separate, has acted in a way that scare us and reminds us of whatever it is that we do when we’re feeling unworthy or unloved and causes us to act in ways that make us feel separate.

Why Would You Want to Know Me?

Just because I want you too, just as I want to know you.


All of us to one degree of another have felt separate, have felt alone, have felt unworthy, have felt guilty, and all of us, to one degree or another, have heard a calling inside of us, a calling to come into a place where we feel nothing other than love, than innocence, than worthiness. So what this project is about and why people might want to come here on a continuing basis is that this is a search for that which already exists, but just has been forgotten. This is the search for innocence; my innocence, your innocence, every one’s innocence for in the search for others’ innocence we find our own.

I want this search for innocence to be in a public forum where the invitation is made by me to others to join me in the search for innocence, because I believe that the invitation is an invitation that will speak to many hearts. Its an invitation that if someone made to me my heart would melt and I would accept, for how could I not?

Innocence is beauty itself, is life itself, is creation itself and yet, in my world and I believe in the world of many other people, innocence has been forgotten, innocence has been abused, innocence has been painted in a way that is nothing like what innocence is itself. So there’s the reason why I believe that the invitation to search for innocence is so beautiful to me and I hopefully to others.


What’s the Purpose?

The purpose is to find it; is to find innocence. As I write these words I smile because I know and everybody knows that in truth, innocence has not been lost. That innocence is present right now. And that’s the good news. That’s the miracle. That’s the place of celebration. That’s the purpose. That what we’re looking for has not been lost. What we’re looking for is just the way it’s always has been. It is perfect. It is untainted. It cannot be hurt. And the moment that we find it, we will remember that it is the essence of who we are, it is the source of who we are. And the calling to come home and the search for it…we will smile because we will know that we are there and we are innocent eternally.



Breaking out of the box, bursting through boundaries and stretching the viewer’s mind is what Lorne Rubinoff does best. Lorne has been a teenage opera singer, one of the owners of Capers (Canada’s Whole Foods), law school graduate, artist, businessman, group facilitator and poet. “Life has humbled me again and again… After all is said and done, I know nothing matters but love and I am here to share my love with everyone – no exceptions.”