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We’re excited to announce that a new, vibrant partnership has been formed between North Shore Sports Medicine and Athletics for Kids. For over 30 years, NSSM has consistently been an active member of the community, with a goal to help community members live happier, healthier lives!

Whether it’s mentoring young professionals, providing physio care at practices and sporting events, sponsoring local athletes, hosting community events and classes, or organizing their annual Holiday donation drive, NSSM has always made it a priority to be involved in and give back to the community. Talk about being “well-aligned” with a community partner!

The staff and Management at NSSM have always been big believers in the power of sport and in giving back to their community, so partnering with Athletics for Kids is an exciting way to expand their involvement and make more of an impact on the North Shore.

In March of 2022, our team at NSSM decided to do even more than help families with their care! We are excited to be supporting local families by donating a portion of our gross profits to help A4K put more kids into sports; now that’s a true win-win!

Athletics for kids (A4K) exists to eliminate the financial barriers to entry into amateur sport for children and youth from lower income families, and the most vulnerable kids throughout the Province.

A4K strongly believes in the importance of sport participation for youth; they know that putting children in sport increases physical, emotional, social, and mental well-being and helps develop life-skills such as teamwork, collaboration and communication. Sports provide endless benefits to our youth in their vulnerable and formative years; they instill confidence, build self-esteem, encourage leadership, dedication, commitment, work ethic, perseverance, respect and social skills – all vital in creating a contributing member of society.

The current pandemic has been tough on everyone, but particularly on our young people; sports have helped kids stay grounded and connected to their peers and to their communities and we need to ensure that all children and youth continue to get that opportunity.

As new teammates, NSSM and A4K, are looking forward to working together to make a big impact for deserving kids living on the North Shore, providing greater opportunity to make sure every kid gets a chance to follow their sporting dreams.

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