Registered Massage Therapist

Estevan Garcia



Estevan’s original interest in becoming an RMT came from his personal experience as a patient being treated for various injuries he had sustained over the years from playing sports. As a therapist, he developed a passion for working with patients towards the common goal of reducing their pain and getting them back to being healthy and productive. 

Estevan uses a wide array of techniques including myofascial release, deep-tissue massage and trigger point release to help his clients. He believes it’s important to incorporate exercise and stretching into his treatment plans to help educate patients so they can perform such activities at home, allowing them to get back to feeling better faster.

Taking an orthopedic approach to his treatments, Estevan has a passion for working with athletes but also enjoys working with people from all lifestyle backgrounds as he believes that anyone from an office worker suffering from postural dysfunction and tension headaches to a high-performance athlete experiencing a muscle strain can benefit from massage therapy. 

Estevan played soccer from childhood through university, representing B.C. at national and international tournaments and winning a national championship at the club level. Although soccer is his first love, Estevan enjoys all sports. He is also a foodie who enjoys trying new cuisines and discovering great restaurants.


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