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New Motion Medicine Program

Our goal is to optimize your recovery to get you back to your full potential after a car accident. This program aims to enhance the patient experience by educating patients on and coordinating their access to treatments funded by ICBC. Of course, patients can still follow the standard program described in the next section. 

Patients with a valid ICBC claim number have access to pre-authorized treatment up to 12 weeks from their date of accident.

There are no user fees for any appointment as long as you are actively working with an NSSM Kinesiologist for active rehab.

Coverage ends when the total number of treatments is reached or you are past the 12 week timeline. Your practitioner can request an extension if they feel you need further treatment (extensions are subject to ICBC approval).

Patients can see all practitioners concurrently. Coverage includes:

  • Physiotherapy – 25 sessions
  • Massage – 12 sessions
  • Kinesiology – 12 sessions
  • Chiropractor – 25 sessions
  • Acupuncture – 12 sessions

Standard Program

Following an accident occurring on or after April 1, 2019, patients will have access to a set number of pre-authorized treatments within the first 12 weeks of their accident.

  • Physiotherapy – 25 sessions
  • Massage – 12 sessions
  • Kinesiology – 12 sessions

Approval will come to an end based on the total number of treatments reached or the 12 weeks coming to an end, following an accident, whichever comes first.

If a patient requires additional treatments beyond those 12 weeks or total number of treatments reached, practitioners can request a treatment extension if they feel the extension is necessary.

Treatment extension requests may require a new Doctor referral (to be provided by the patient) and/or reassessment reports to be filled out by Practitioners. Further ICBC treatment approval will be approved by ICBC following the consideration of extension requests submitted and requested supporting documentation provided as previous approvals come to an end.

Should patients continue to attend treatment without approval from ICBC when the request is still in process, patients may be responsible for the cost of any treatments received outside of ICBC approval.

Please note, ICBC patients should bring their claim number, date of accident, and personal health number to their first appointment.

Standard Program User Fees


Active Rehab for ICBC Patients
Initial AssessmentNo Charge
Follow Up VisitNo Charge
Massage Initial for ICBC Patients
30 MinutesNo Charge
45 MinutesNo Charge
60 Minutes$16.35
75 Minutes$41.35
90 Minutes$61.35
Physiotherapy for ICBC Patients
Initial VisitNo Charge
Follow Up Visit$20.00
Massage Follow Up Visit for ICBC Patients
30 MinutesNo Charge
45 Minutes$25.50
60 Minutes$45.50
75 Minutes$70.50
90 Minutes$95.50

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