How does kinesiology tape works and is it dangerous to apply it by yourself, I stretched ligament and I’ve been on therapies but while training i can still feel some pain, so is it ok to apply it by yourself?

The tape you are referring to requires training to ensure the correct technique is used to get the best results. It would be in your best interest to get your injury reassessed if you are still experiencing pain more than 8 weeks after your injury.

A physiotherapist will use manual therapy, exercise prescription and other modalities. They can also help you tape your ankle if you are interested and it is necessary.

How do you tape a hypermobile elbow using KT tape?

There are a few tape jobs that might work for a hypermobile elbow. Taping can be helpful to remind you not to go into hyperextension (straightening it too much), but on its own taping with KT Tape does not provide/increase stability. Stability can be improved with exercise. There are a few factors that should be considered when applying tape including the purpose of the tape job and the pattern, tension and direction. If you book an appointment with a physiotherapist they can provide instruction on taping and have you practice with them.

They can also teach you exercises to increase stability to the joint.

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