A Comprehensive Guide to Your First RMT Appointment
Published on August 29, 2023
Woman experiencing her first RMT appointment at North Shore Sports Medicine

If you’ve been contemplating incorporating registered massage therapy (RMT) into your treatment plan, you might wonder about what to anticipate from your initial session. This comprehensive guide walks you through the typical aspects of your first RMT appointment, helping you prepare to get the most from your treatment. Not only can massage therapy alleviate pain and enhance function, but it can also help you return to the activities you love, pain-free. The myriad benefits of massage therapy are best realized under the care of a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT).


Locating a Suitable RMT

Your massage therapy journey begins by finding a suitable Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in your vicinity. In British Columbia, the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC) regulates practicing RMTs. Their official website hosts an online public register to verify any RMT’s status in BC, as well  “Look Before You Book” page where you can verify an individual’s RMT status, educational background, and any past disciplinary actions.


The Pre-Appointment Process

Upon booking an appointment with your selected RMT, you’ll have the chance to provide your health history. Details about previous injuries, surgeries, medications, and your primary reasons for seeking massage therapy are vital. This information assists the RMT in tailoring the treatment to your needs and is fully confidential.


Informed Consent and Initial Assessment

The initial session includes a comprehensive assessment where the RMT asks specific questions to understand your condition better. From this assessment, they will devise a treatment plan, proposing the areas of focus, potential advantages and drawbacks of the treatments, expected duration and outcomes of the treatment.


Privacy and Comfort

While discussing the treatment, the RMT will also address clothing/draping options. The therapy can be done fully clothed if you’re more comfortable that way. At any point during the treatment, the RMT will adjust or stop the therapy at your request.


During the Treatment

After receiving your consent, the RMT will exit the room, allowing you to prepare as discussed. Throughout the session, the RMT will consistently check on your comfort level and how you’re feeling about the treatment. You should notify your RMT immediately if you experience any discomfort.

The RMT will guide you on how to best position yourself during the assessment and treatment for optimal privacy, safety, and comfort. The atmosphere is usually relaxed, and the level of conversation is guided by your preference.


After the Treatment

Once the session concludes, the RMT steps out to allow you to get off the table and dress comfortably. Upon return, they check how you’re feeling and may suggest self-care routines to follow at home. After settling payment and providing receipts, they may propose further appointments based on the initial treatment plan.


Follow-Up and Ongoing Care

Some RMTs may follow up with you post-appointment to check your progress and answer any additional queries. If you’ve consented to emails, they may send you updates about their practice and reminders for your next appointment.

The relationship with your RMT is based on mutual trust and respect, keeping professional boundaries intact. It’s important to remember that your health information is confidential and cannot be shared without your consent.


Your first RMT appointment is waiting

Embracing the path to relief and rejuvenation through massage therapy is a decision you won’t regret. At North Shore Sports Medicine, our qualified   ensure a tailored experience that puts your well-being at the forefront. Book your first RMT session with us and start benefiting from the healing touch of massage therapy.

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