Physio-Led Pilates

Join pilates classes with NSSM’s Physiotherapist, Edmund Gu. These small group sessions will strengthen your body, improve flexibility, and help protect against injury. Pilates fiends of all levels will find themselves smiling and challenged with Edmund’s progressions and personal feedback. Visit our Online Booking Site or call 604-973-0242 to join!

Enhance Your Rehabilitation

North Shore Sports Medicine is happy to offer Pilates classes. Pilates is great for anyone looking to strengthen their body and get ahead of the game in injury prevention! Pilates is also great for maintaining fitness and functional abilities after your physiotherapy treatments have come to an end. Our classes are led by a certified physiotherapist so you can be sure you’re receiving the best instruction available. We offer classes at convenient times so you can squeeze in a class on your lunch break or after work!

Pilates is Great for Anyone Looking to

  • Strengthen their body
  • Improve flexibility
  • Help protect themselves against injury
  • Challenge themselves physically!

Classes are $30 and can be billed to extended health plans under physiotherapy.



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