Surge Past Pain Webinar

Overcoming the Re-injury Cycle and the Limitations of Pain

Are you tired of repeating the injury, rehabilitation, re-injury cycle? A cycle that has held you back for years, and never allowed you to escape the revolving door of pain. If you can relate to that cycle, then I want to see you at the webinar!

My name is Sohail Kamal, and I am the General Manager of NSSM. I am very excited to be opening up another round of free Zoom webinars to share my personal story about the limits that pain put on me, and how I went from a consistent 9/10 in pain to getting back on my skis and scaling peaks.

I’m excited to be sharing this for my fifth time now, and I know my story will help you overcome the revolving door and reach your happiest heights.

If you can relate to the revolving cycle of pain and are ready to overcome these limitations, sign up for the webinar!

Thank you for your interest! Please sign up to the waitlist and we’ll contact you when the next webinar is arranged. 



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