The Active S’port Premium Muscle Roller

The Active S’port Premium Muscle Roller is a unique muscle roller incorporating our Optimal Self-Myofascial Release Physical Therapy ABS wheel system. The individual ABS rolling sections helps relieve muscle aches, cramping, spasms and stiffness by restoring muscle balance. It’s a great tool for athletes or any other exercise enthusiast who requires quick, effective relief through self-massage and myofascial release. Its compact size and versatility for use all over the body makes the it more suited for travel than carrying around a bulky foam roller
It is very important to warm up and stretch muscles before and after a workout. The Active S’port Premium Muscle Roller helps you take muscle conditioning to the next level!
This tool is great for athletes, runners and bodybuilders.
This is a “rigid” stick with a metal rod in the center so it is durable and strong for you to apply deep pressure.
Compact and will easily fit in a gym bag or desk drawer.
Use it as part of your regular muscle health and strengthening regime!



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