GLA:D Program

Good Living with Osteoarthritis

7-week proven pain-reduction education and individualized exercise program for hip and knee osteoarthritis.

What is GLA:D and What Can It Do for You?

GLA:D (Good Life with Arthritis in Denmark) is an exercise program developed by researchers and physiotherapists in Denmark for people with symptoms of knee or hip osteoarthritis (OA). If you experience pain or stiffness in your hips or knees this could be the program for you! It is an individualized education and exercise-based program that works to reduce your OA symptoms. Research done in Denmark has shown that participants of the GLA:D program have reduced pain, take fewer pain killers, take less time off work, and are able to be more active! For more information check out or contact us at 604-973-0242.


Our program is delivered by GLA:D – trained registered physiotherapists (Edmund Gu or Allison Ezzat). This program includes a 30-minute individual assessment followed by two education sessions and 12 group exercise classes. The exercise classes are limited to 6 participants and run twice a week for 6 weeks. If you are currently seeing a physio, this program can be done concurrently. You do not need to be diagnosed with OA to attend this program.

Our program at NSSM is led by Allison Ezzat PT, PhD and Edmund Gu. Allison’s doctoral work focused on the prevention of osteoarthritis after injury and she is part of the GLA:D Canada National Implementation team.

Program Details

This GLA:D session will be run in person or via telehealth. Theraband will be provided and no other equipment is required.


$595/person which includes an individual 30-minute assessment, two education sessions and 12 group exercise classes (with physiotherapy receipts for all costs incurred).

Addition Info

An assessment is required before you register for the program. Select this item and we’ll contact you to book your GLA:D assessment. 👍



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